New York

Exiting slowly

In the closing scene of our life in Brooklyn, the month of September has shown us an earthquake, a hurricane, an awesome BBQ in Prospect Park, a couple seasons of The Wire, the wrap of a big feature film job for M and the “sort of” last day for me after four years at my job, a big win at trivia night, my first slice of NY baked ziti pizza* and lots of great time with friends.  And during all that, we’ve technically been squatting at the apartment of a friend who happens to be out of town (THANK YOU!!!), since we moved out of our place at the end of August.  Our actual departure has been held up by lots of things that keep popping up like work deadlines, the fact that certain lumber stores close at 4:30 pm and aren’t open on the weekends, and running into friends on the street and deciding to stay a few days longer.

Truth be told, this slow exit from New York has been a blessing despite my anxiousness to get going down the highway in our sweet 1997 diesel Passat hippie car.  This city has been home for my entire adult existence and I will miss so much (and so many) once we’re gone (sappy sniffle).

Nonetheless, there are some things I won’t miss…such as: sidestepping rats  descending on the garbage piled up for trash day; “The train is delayed because of traffic ahead of us. Please be patient.”; carrying 30+ lbs of laundry to the laundromat; $7.99 grilled cheese sandwiches at the deli; carrying 30+ lbs of groceries (I love to cook, ok?); mysterious and foul street smells – especially in high summer; and did I mention subway issues?

At least we stuck around long enough to see this view, from the window of our friend’s Brooklyn apartment – an enchanting sunset after the hurricane.  Everything so fresh and clear.  This is NYC as I’d like to remember it. (Although, I can see my work building in this shot… maybe I’ll blur that out.)

*for the record, the ziti slice is delicious.  I wish I’d tried it sooner, just as M told me I would.


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