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At the Farm

The House!

Having spent much time thinking about how to write an introduction to our life on the farm, I still don’t have my thoughts in pristine order, so I’m just going to go with it.

We’re here!  M and I have been here at the farm, down on the Eastern Shore of Virginia now for three weeks*.  The green fields of grass, fluttering of butterflies and bird chirping soundtrack are a part of our new life.  It’s pretty sweet to wake up to the sun splashing through the windows.  Perhaps not too sweet to find a snake in the garage.

*Actually, I have been away traveling for work for two of those three weeks, and M was with me this past week as well.

Some of our projects to date:

  1. Mowing.  A lot.
  2. Installing ceiling drywall.  This is the last step to getting the building permit closed, and time is of the essence.  As a novice handy-woman, when I first asked “how are we going to get those sheets up on the ceiling,” M pulled up a video of a drywall lifter.  Ever seen one?  These things are cool.  Truthfully, M has done practically all all this work, but I was really getting the hang of the adhesive caulk gun.
  3. Veggie garden!  We put in some fall-loving seeds and seedlings, and hope to have some home grown goods for the Thanksgiving table.
  4. More mowing.  And weeding.
  5. Visiting the dump.  Around here, you take your trash to the dump, which is actually a fascinating experience.  They DO recycle, and even have a “put ‘n take” where you can leave things that someone else may want, such as a refrigerator, lawn furniture or a spare bathroom vanity.  ( Back in Brooklyn, we called this the “sidewalk.”)
  6. Saw mill assembly.  M has been spending his spare moments in the barn putting together the saw mill.  He is very anxious to get at those walnut logs we hauled down.
  7. Walmart.  It’s a super one, that’s all I have to say.
  8. Attempting to capture and relocate a Black Rat Snake.  If you’ve ever seen ‘Snake Wranglers’ on National Geographic Channel, you get the picture: I held a pillow case open and M attempted to grab the snake and put it in the sack.  Thankfully (for my nerves), the little bugger slithered out of the garage, which made an anticlimactic end to our rugged adventure.

Here are some photos!


6 thoughts on “At the Farm

  1. Just got your blog link! Enjoying reading about your country vibes.
    Under point #3 here, Ideas for garden now:
    Thanksgiving from your garden: you can serve your own
    Parsley butter, which is just softened butter & washed and minced parsely – great on any veggie for Thanksgiving!
    Buy and sow couple little envelopes of Parsely seed (try Target or other store with year-round garden section) buy also NOW some tulip bulbs & daffodill bulbs & stick ’em in the ground. You’ll thank me in April .-)
    Back to readin’ your blog . .

    Aunty lin

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