Pretty Trees

The autumn colors around here just make my eyes twinkle each time I catch a glimpse of a fiery red tree out of the corner of my eye.  Or orange.  Or yellow.

Driving down our street, there is a bend where all you can see on either side is a Crayola box of trees (pretend they have one of only reds, orange, yellow & browns… they probably do) and leaves fluttering across the road.  So gorgeous.  I kick myself when each time we leave the house I realize I forgot the camera.

(Sorry Dad E, I know you’re envious…. you just don’t get fall colors like this in San Diego…)

I will attempt to catch some more pictures before all the pretty trees are bare.


One thought on “Pretty Trees

  1. We did not get a very good fall here. It is my favorite season so I was pretty sad about it. It did finally come here though – rather late and not as nice, but I enjoyed the colors we did get! Not as much reds as usual! What a beautiful time of year! Like I said, my favorite season!!!

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