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Garden Update: Thanksgiving!

Norah, the expert kale-snipper.

We just said goodbye to our last guests at the Farm after a whirlwind week of family, projects, cooking, eating, driving, exploring and milling (more on that later).

Mom & Dad G arrived first and we made the final push to finish the garage renovation before the rest of the crew arrived (we’re nearly done!).  When Uncle Don arrived, the guys whizzed through preparing the soon-to-be woodshop, clearing the area (yes, a dumpster was rented), sorting things into the barn, and wiring lights and high-powered outlets for all of those tools & machines M has been drooling over.  Just wait, it’s going to be awesome.

Mom & Dad E flew in and we made a late night road trip to Norfolk.  It’s been a real treat to show them around the Farm and the Eastern Shore – we learned a lot along with them. We even saw some Chincoteague wild ponies! Then came Paul & Abbey with Norah & Charlotte, Grandpa Gebel (who was hard at work on that dock of his again), Cousin Michele and Ethan.  By the day of the feast we had quite a full farmhouse.

Among the other fixins, our Thanksgiving table featured kale and beets from our garden.  The next day we made turkey soup with swiss chard and spinach + arugula salad from the garden.  We even cut in some radishes (they’re monsters).  We made pizza with sweet potato + spinach.  All this harvesting required some help…

Norah helped M & B pull some radishes for lunch.

M is really pumped about the beets and swiss chard.

I think Ethan and Norah might have been more pumped about the chard…

As of the end of November, we’re regularly harvesting:

  • radishes
  • swiss chard
  • kale
  • spinach
  • arugula
  • beets & beet greens
  • cilantro

I still hold hope for broccoli before the winter sets in full force, but for us to get anything from the brussels sprouts would be a long shot.

Next spring we’re going to have carrots, onions, garlic, beets and likely still some spinach and kale.  Not bad, eh?

Uncle M was pretty close to convincing her to hold the worm…

(thanks to Mom G & Abbey for great photos!)


3 thoughts on “Garden Update: Thanksgiving!

  1. It was so good to see you both on Sunday! Wish we could have talked longer. Love the blog!! It is very interesting! I will have to show Benjamin this. He will love it! He loves planting and growing things. He had a variety of items including strawberries!
    Don’t wait too long to pop in again! It is sad to think I didn’t recognize you both immediatly! (red face)

  2. LOVE see the pics of YOU Becky!! But what I want to know… did Norah and Ethan actually get excited when it came to EAT the chard!?! 🙂

  3. Fantastic! Loved the photos and descriptions, and list of great veggies! All your veggies sound wonderful! We’ve been learning how to cook kale since Dr. Oz slays it’s a super food! Also beets are and chard, and probably everything you listed which you are growing. Gooooood stuff!! I bet your Thanksgiving feast was out-of-this world! Any photos of that? Carlotte and Larry

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