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Oh Tannenbaum

I love Christmas decorations.  Mainly because it’s about bringing nature indoors. And twinkle lights.

Now that we live at the farm, the process of acquiring our annual tannenbaum just got a whole lot easier (or way more difficult, depending on how you look at it).  As a matter of fact the property we’re on once operated a tree nursery before Mom & Dad G acquired the land.  That explains the gorgeous row of lovely magnolias and picturesque birch grove which frame the house.  Back by the woods there still remain some choice evergreens, though many are overgrown.  What better way to celebrate (and decorate) than to cut down our own tree…on our own farm!?!

So this weekend, we went tree hunting.  At first I thought we were doomed; I didn’t see any lush, stout trees like you find at the tree lot.  Most of the evergreens were scraggly, gangly or 18 feet tall.  But M, genius that he is, suggested we cut the top section off of a taller tree.  So smart!

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What a beauty!  And I totally geeked out and used the branches we cut off to make a wreath for the front door and plucked some holly (yes, real holly with red berries and everything) for the hearth.  Now all I need is the Pandora Christmas station, some hot cider and gingerbread cookies.


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