Garden Update: It’s Working!

I just realized that it’s been six weeks since I have given a proper garden update.  Soooo much green has happened since then!  And I’ve been busy getting dirt beneath my nails and smushing bugs and slugs…I haven’t made time to document it.  Oops.

The long and short of it:  it’s working!  Things are growing!  Sure, we’ve got some pests, and we’ve had a few moments of anxiety, but we are legitimately eating from our garden again.

Oh, and we just ordered 9 dozen canning jars.  We’re hoping for a bumper crop, and expect to put up as much as possible.

Enjoy this little peek!

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One thought on “Garden Update: It’s Working!

  1. It’s FABULOUS!! And gorgeous!! And not a bug hole bit in any of your leaves!! How DO you do it??

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