Garden Update – 4th of July


Look at those two big ‘Oh So Sweet’ watermelons in the foreground, and a little ‘Boule d’Or’ honeydew in the back center.

I just can’t help myself; take a look at these beauties! Watching them grow is soo satisfying.   HAPPY SUMMER : )

Since we grew our melons on trellises to conserve space and all, we have to tie up the little guys (or not so little guys, as the case may be) in hammocks made from those mesh bags onions and oranges come in at the supermarket.

Thus far, its working well, save for the fact that we totally underestimated the number of fruits each plant would produce.  And these are only round 1 of three melon plantings!  Whooot! I’ve been anxiously awaiting these since January, and in just a few weeks more we will be slurping down juicy melon and making sorbet, granitas, salads ….it’s so close I can almost taste it!


I’m pretty sure this is the ‘Petit Gris de Rennes’ cantaloupe variety

In the meanwhile, what will we actually be eating this Fourth of July?  Zucchini, zucchini, zucchini! (I don’t know what possessed us to plant 8 zucchini plants for just the two of us…) And we’ve got some cherry tomatoes, a few handfuls of green beans, potatoes, lettuce, radishes and cucumbers…


This is less than one week’s yield of zucchini….and we already ate a few every night this week….

If you’ve any great summer squash ideas, please share!  So far, we have tried (many of these quite a few times):

  • zucchini fritters (like a latke, but with zucs)
  • sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic & herbs
  • grilled, with pita & hummus (I highly recommend – but coat them with a dry rub, not marinade)
  • peeled into ribbons, sauteed with butter and herbs
  • zucchini bread (it didn’t come out very well…)
  • squash blossoms with pasta
  • baked stuffed zuc boats with rice & herbs inside
  • roasted breaded zuc coins (almost like deep fried, but less greasy)
  • raw, in gazpacho
  • raw, grated into salad

3 thoughts on “Garden Update – 4th of July

  1. There is an awesome recipe for stuffed Zucchini in the Moosewood Cookbook…if you have one look it up, if not let me know and I will email it you. Miss you guys!!

  2. Hi Becky,
    Love your blog! I made a zucchini dish yesterday (we have 4 plants). I didn’t see anything with meat there, and not sure if you are a vegetarian, but I brown some ground beef with generous onions and mushrooms, add your favorite spaghetti sauce (or make your own) and layer it with lengthwise strips of zucchini in a lasagna sort of way. Then I top it all off with some grated cheddar cheese. Yum! You can use up quite a few zucchinis that way with 2 or 3 layers of zucchini. We miss you!


  3. Hope the watermelons are sweet! Mm! Cool hammock idea!
    We are now picking strawberries locally, once a week- not too many pounds at a time, just enough to enjoy for a few days. You mentioned in an earlier blog these farms that allow you to pick-your-own this and that- yes, it’s a great idea and activity to do with visitors, grandkids, etc.
    Recipes for zucchini? Millie has a great cake recipe & I’ll email it. Right now we have about 12 cucumbers, the long kind — to pick a day and the people we’d normally give them away to are out of town on holiday. Just found a cold cucumber soup recipe that you blend in the blender with thick yoghurt. Want some cucumbers?

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