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What’s going on in the shop

In addition to all of my canning and baking escapades this summer, M and I (mostly M, but I do come in handy sometimes) have been working up furniture in the woodshop. We’re preparing prototypes and refining the design of the first collection, planning to make it public this Fall : )

Some of the lumber milled on the trusty Lumbermate Pro has come out of the dehumidifying, solar-heated klin, which we rigged up from an old shipping container, and M has been creating plenty of sawdust as he planes and sizes the pine and sweetgum.  Unfortunately, the walnut apparently takes ages to properly dry to a furniture-grade level of moisture…it’s still cookin…

Geeky sidenote:  It makes perfect sense, but most of you probably have never considered that wood naturally swells and contracts with fluctuations in humidity, even furniture in your home.  Duh.  A drastic change in humidity or moisture level is often the cause of split joints and creaky chairs, as well as swollen doors that stick in their jambs.

In light of this In light of this scientific wonder, the wood used to make furniture has to be dried to a starting moisture content in a safe range for the average interior…roughly somewhere between 6-12%… before you build with it. This way, the moisture content is in the ballpark of whatever setting it will call home, which greatly reduces the problems of serious fluctuations, busting joints, serious bowing of the surfaces, etc.   To read more, check out this fabulously geeky paper.

Anyhow, it’s been busy in the shop…and we’re creating a lot of sawdust!  Thankfully, sawdust is great for compost piles and mulching blueberries…

Much of what we’ve made so far features live edges, tricky geometry and turned legs.  I especially like the last part, as I’ve been trained and have become quite enthusiastic about using the lathe.  It’s pretty fun to start with a long block of wood, and end up with a perfectly smooth, sexy, slim modern table leg.

As soon as we’ve got our ducks in a row and get all of the goods up on a website, I’ll be sure to let you know!

Chair & extra seats


One thought on “What’s going on in the shop

  1. So glad you do this blog, Becky! Your enthusasim is contageous. Now furniture- I guess you guys have been doing it all along but your posts usually reflect the garden. Something Scandinavian about the lovely elegance here, I’d say. What kind of wood are these two pieces?

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